Our Favorite Books


So before I had kids and started Bugsey Bee I had another great love. Reading. I worked in my family bookstore for almost 10 years and in that time I learnt a thing or two about kids books. My whole family loves to gift books and I hoard books the way some women hoard shoes so to say the kids have a few books would be the understatement of the century but there are definitely a few standout in the collection. I asked the kids to help me choose this list but we couldn’t narrow it down to 10 so here are our top 11 books for babies and toddlers.

Monkey + Me by Emily Gravett

This is my current favorite book to read to the kids. It’s about a little girl, her monkey toy and what they go to see at the zoo. It’s short, it rhymes and it’s kind of cute. Plus it ends with the little girl falling asleep which is always a plus at bed time.

Stickman – Julia Donaldson 

We were gifted this book because from the time my eldest could grab and hold a stick he carried one around with him every where he went. He’s 5 now and if we are walking somewhere he will still pick up and stick and carry it until we reach our destination. But besides that this book is fantastic, the story is repetitive in a way that really gets the kids engaged and  it’s one of the few books I don’t mind reading a couple of times in one sitting.

What the Lady Bird Heard – Julia Donaldson
It’s a cooky fun, adventure story and it’s totally unlike any of the other books on our shelf.

Spot Books- Eric Hill

I don’t think I need to explain this one we all love Spot right??

10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes

Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury – I read this book to both of my kids from the day they were born. In fact it has been read so much I had to go and get a second copy to replace the first worn out one. It’s a lovely little book and a great way to introduce the idea that even though everyone might look different we are all the same

The Green Sheep – Mem Fox and Judy Horack

This is basically a book about sheep doing lots of funny and strange things and kids looove it.

That not my…

If you haven’t been gifted a “That’s not my..”book then you have probably seen them in your local bookstore or library. Touch and feel books are such a fun way to introduce reading to babies whilst also helping them with their sensory development.

Hairy Maclary – Lynley Dodd

Another great collection of books and our copies have been read out of existence. If your little one is still tiny invest in the touch and feel board book. Trust me they will love it.


I know I am not the only one with Peppa obsessed kids but if you haven’t  read any yet the books are also great. We have read lots, just for the fun of it but because lots of them are themed around childhood milestones like, going on an aeroplane or starting school they are also my go to for helping to prepare the kids for those big event.

Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell

A great book about different animals. If you can find it splurge and get the sound book you won’t regret it.


These are a great collection of books about the behind the scenes of a place, like an airport or farm. Each page of the book has soo much to look at and point out, including flaps to lift with hidden pictures. They are great for quiet time and they are my go to book for packing when we have to go to the Dr because  they keep the kids occupied for ages.

I hope you find some new books to read from the list. I’d love to hear what your favorite books to read to your littlies, so please comment below.

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