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How to care for your reusable wipes


At our most recent market we were asked a few times what the best way to care for our re-usable facial wipes would be so I thought I would write a little post about how I care for my wipes.

So as per the care instructions on the pack it is best to wash your wipes in cold/warm water and line dry them, or dry them flat where ever you can but before they even reach your machine there a few things you can do it keep them looking fresh and white.

  1. Rinse them- give them a bit of a good old rinse under the tap and wring them out a little to stop stains from setting and also help rinse of any residue left by your cleanser or make-up remover .
  2. Soak them- I have never had to soak mine but if you are a heavy make-up wearer then you may need to soak your wipes from time to time to help remove stains.
  3. Put them in a lingerie bag- I am totally too lazy to do this, so my wipes have been floating around in the washing machine since day dot and they still look as good as new but it you want to keep them all together then pop them in an old pillow case or lingerie bag before popping them in the wash.
  4. Choose a good quality, eco-friendly detergent. So if you are going to all this effort to reduce your waste then you might as well choose an laundry detergent that is good for the environment too, but lets be honest some clean better then others. My favorite is the ecostore geranium & orange laundry powder. It smells great and it is one of the few detergents which hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin.

So I hope this clears up a few questions but if you have anymore please pop them below and I will answer them for you and if you haven’t tried our reusable facial wipes , what are you waiting for? They are such a fab way to care for you skin, the environment and you bank balance all at the same time. So check them out here



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