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Kitchen Wipes

Are you a paper towel-aholic? I used to be. I use to use paper towels and nappy wipes for basically every household cleaning task around. I don’t know exactly when things changed but at some point we just stopped buying them. I think perhaps they became an extra, unnecessary expense at the end of our shopping bill and so we just learnt to use other things. At first we used old tea-towels and burp cloths to clean up but recently I added Bamboo Wipes to our eco-friendly collection and so of course we now have a stack of them in our kitchen.

So why use reusable wipes instead of paper towels? Well I am sure this is stating the obvious but in case you need convincing… They are just soooo much better for the environment, there is less landfill and of course it means we don’t need to unnecessarily cut down all those trees our planet so desperately needs. And then of course there are the selfish reasons; it’s cheaper, they are waaay more absorbent so you need less and the clean up is quicker and if you use a chemical free solution for your wipes it’s also a lot better for your health.

Now I guess the next question you’ll all be asking is how do you use and care for your wipes?  It’s simple really. If your not completely ready to come over to the green side then you could just use them with your normal commercially purchased spray and wipes but if you want to go the whole hog then you can make yourself a little eco-friendly spray and wipe like I do. Here’s the recipe;

Eco-friendly Spray and Wipeblog.jpg

  • 10 drops Eucalyptus oil
  • 1/3 cup of white vinegar
  • Water

I just it all together in a little spray and wipe bottle and top it up to the top with water. Then when your done with your wipes just throw them in the wash… yep it’s that simple. Bamboo is a vary durable fabric but like any natural fiber it will deteriorate eventually so prolong my wipes life I just chuck them in the next wash with what ever else need doing. You don’t need to do a separate wash if your not using chemical cleaners so unless they are really soiled you don’t need to rinse them off or wash them separately.


Be warned about the freak factor though. I remember this one time my eldest son was little and my Dad and Step-Mum looked after him while the hubster and I took Bugsey Bee to a market. We came home to find an entire pack of paper towel on the bench (I don’t mean a roll I mean a pack of 4 rolls). When I asked why they were there they gave me this mortified look and said “We couldn’t find any paper towel so we went to the shops to buy some.” I mean they were so horrified that we didn’t have any that rather then grab a tea towel or nappy wipe to clean up they actually popped my son in the pram and walked to the shop to buy a roll of paper towels. Bless their cotton socks. I should say though that a couple of years on and my Step Mum now longs for bamboo tea towels and has asked me for some re-usable wipes. I’ll take that as a win. 🙂

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