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The Eco Lunch Box

So in less than a week my little baby boy will be heading off for his very first day at school. I know there are going to be tears, lots of them, only they are more likely to be from me than him and even though I should be well and truly organised by now I’m still putting getting the last of his school things so that I can remain in denial.

I have most of his stationary supplies but I have completely dropped the ball where his lunch box is concerned. We want to be as eco-friendly as possible and are hoping to be completely eco-friendly but our school has given us some pretty strict guidelines as to what food the kids are actually allowed to have including, no packaged snacks, no cakes and biscuits and no tubs of yoghurt or any other food that can be spilt.

When packing a lunch for young kids there are also a few practical concerns to consider;

  • Can they open it themselves?
  • Can they put the lid back on or wrap it back up themselves?
  • Are they likely to throw it in the bin when it should be taken home?
  • Is it light enough for a child to carry? Remember they will have other things in their bags/ lunch boxes too.

Luckily there are lots of options out there these days. Here are my top picks.



Eco Lunch Pods


I love the look of these stainless steal snack containers and I especially like that unlike other stainless steel container that close with silicon lids or complicated clips these lids look easy enough for even a toddler to put on.


Sili Squeeze


So I have to admit the whole “no tubs of yoghurt” rule had me thrown for a while there. Although, I have not tried them before I’ve never been completely won over by the traditional refillable pouches I have seen on the market because for 1, they all seem to fill from the bottom and I can just see Mr 4 squeezing too hard and causing some kind of yogurt explosion and 2, if I’m not there Mr 4 will do what all the other kids are doing and throw his disposable look a like in the bin.  So I was delighted when I stumbled across these Sili Squeeze yoghurt bottle. They fill from the top, so no explosions and they look like a drink bottle so it’s going to be really easy to explain to Mr 4 that he has to bring it home just like he would his water bottle.


Nude Food Yoghurt Movers


I stumbled across these Nude food yoghurt movers a couple of weeks back and they had me at hello. They have a freezable compartment in the middle so they will keep your kids yoghurt , fruit or sliced veg cold for hours. We have already been using ours to transport snack while we are out and about and they have been working a treat.


Sandwich Containers



I love the idea of reusable wraps but at this stage I suspect they are more likely to end up in the bin then come home to be cleaned so at the moment I think some kind of sandwich container is essential. There are hundred of them of them around (this one is by Smash)  but just check to make sure they are BPA free and are big enough for what you need and you are good to go.


Water Bottles


Last but not least every one needs a good water bottle. For me the ultimate in eco-friendly hydration is a glass water bottle but even as an adult I found glass impractical and there is no way I would give one to a 4 year old. I have used these Camelback water bottles for year and Mr 4 recently claimed my pink one as his own. They are big (470ml) so might not be suitable for all kids but ours have taken and absolutely hammering and still function perfectly well.

So good luck! and be sure to let me know if you have any great tips on getting ready for Kindy.


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