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Keep Cups and Tea Leaves


Are you ready? Phase 1 of our sustainable journey begins today and I have to say the focus for the next couple of weeks won’t be that easy for me.

A little while back I was having a conversation with my husband about disposable coffee cups. He’s not a coffee drinker so he doesn’t understand the pull the smell of fresh cafe coffee has to us coffee connoisseurs but I can not live without my daily coffee and most of them come handed to me piping hot in a paper cup with a plastic lid.  Anyway our little chat got me thinking about the number of those seemingly innocent cups end up in landfill so I did some research. 500 Billion! That’s the number of disposable cups manufactured every year and I am personally responsible for about 300 or ending up on the garbage heap.

Luckily for me, my husband remembered our conversation and brought me a Oxfam Keep Cup for Christmas and over the last few weeks I have been getting used to taking my Keep Cup along with me every time I leave the house. I have to admit though, I have forgotten quite a few times so as of today I have a new rule “no cup no coffee”.  eek!

But it wouldn’t be fair to drink my coffee from my new eco-friendly cup and completely ignore the 3 or 4 cups of tea I drink a day.  ( I know I’m a caffeine addict).  So I know tea-bags aren’t that bad, they do mostly bio-degrade (apparently 70-80%) and we compost ours but I saw improvements could be made so I will be swapping over to good old-fashioned loose leaf tea from now on.

Now before I move on to some tips and tricks just a little note on pod coffee capsules. I used to be a mad Nespresso fan. I probably went through 1 or 2 capsules a day. That is until I read an article that pointed out that most of the pods are made of aluminium or plastic and they are all ending up in landfill. Nespresso does have a recycling service but for us that meant taking a special trip into the city just to drop them off and I knew in my heart that even with the best in tensions in the world it just won’t happen. So from now on any coffee will have to made in the french press.

So if you are joining in here are my top tips to help sustain-ify your coffee habit.

– Keep Cups

Mine came from the Oxfam store, but they are you buy them in most kitchen and gift stores now and I have even seen them in Coles from time to time. As soon as you get home wash it out and pop it in your bag- that way you won’t forget it in the rush to get out the door.

-Recycle or replace

If you know your probably never going to get around to recycling those coffee pods think about replacing your pod coffee with organic ground coffee and a french press.

-Loose Leaf

I love loose tea and if you are going to make the swap from tea bags T2 will make your life super easy. They have any tea type or flavor of tea you could ever dream up and if you go in store their friendly staff will help you find one you like.


Loose Leaf tea requires either a french press or an infuser and once again T2 have a heap to choose from but my favorite are their open single cup infusers. They just make the process so easy. There is no trying to stuff tea into tiny baskets and fiddling with latches and they fit most mugs and cups.

-Garden Love

Plants love tea leaves and coffee grounds. Seriously, ours go in the compost but if your not composting just take them outside and sprinkle them on the garden like Grandma used to you. Your plants will love you for it.

So good luck and if you choose to follow along and overhaul your coffee habit or if you have any hints and tips I would love to hear about it.






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