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So now Christmas is over there are 2 major things happening over at Bugsey Bee HQ. The first is that we are getting our wee little baby (alright our almost 4 year old) ready for his first day of school and the second is that I have been madly trying to organise the huge number of micro toys we seem to have acquired over the last year.  Seriously, our house is filled with tiny plastic people and pretend fruit and lets not even talk about the lego!

So I have found the perfect solution to both. Book and Toy  bags. The kids love having a special place to put their toys and our almost School kid is so excited to have a bag which seem to represent to him how big he has grown.

Our book bags come in 2 sizes, toy or library bag and can be lined with contrasting or white cotton.

Book bags handles

The drawstring makes it easy to accomodate different size and shape objects and can be pulled and tied to create a carry handle. Here’s how…

  1. Hold the loose strings and pull a loop through the opening on the opposite side.
  2. Pull the loose ties through the loop
  3. Tie a knot to secure

And wallah you have your self a handy little handle. You can do the same thing to tie your book or toy bag to a pram.

If you would like to purchase on of our toy bags please visit my website.





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